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Beaverton costume designer shows artwork virtually

This fell into my lap today and I love it: https://pamplinmedia.com/bvt/15-news/481470-386961-beaverton-costume-designer-shows-artwork-virtually And a big shoutout [...]

2020 Little Spokane River Artist Studio Tour

I invite you to see my work and the work of several friends and fellow [...]

Pullover Style Mask-Cowl, using pre-loved Rock’n roll T-shirts

  Prototyping this new hybrid between a mask and a cozy cowl, pullover style. Continued [...]

Ice Silk Mask and Cowl Pullover

This versatile turtleneck-mask-bandana hybrid came into existence by suggestion and request of friends who are [...]


In the heat of summer simmering I’m thinking of ways to winterise our masking ways. [...]

Wearing masks is an expression of care.

Unfurling, Unfolding. Working around core beliefs. “Wearing masks is an expression of care”. Working for [...]

A bit like Santa’s Elf’s studio here

Whirlwinds, continued… Catching up overnight.

It’s Personal!

What can I (and every person) do right now to slow the spread and protect [...]

The “Olsen” Mask

This one is called “Olsen” mask and is mentioned the most at the website: www.weneedmasks.org Here’s [...]

A Physician’s Hazmat Suit!

This project originated from a conversation with my physician. She did mention she’d need a [...]