I design, sew and sculpt jackets and coats, top hats with dioramas, dresses and pants, bags and corsets. 

I feel excited and inspired by period clothes and theatrical costumes. 

The invitation stands to layer my work in the same way we live our complex lives: boldly and with contemporary, multifunctional wearability. 

I combine leather, textiles, vintage trims, found treasures, bohemian glass beads and various hardware into assemblages of varied colors, textures, patterns and shapes.

 Sewing for me is like exploring connections: I draw, draft, sew, narratively embroider, slowstitch, felt and rivet. 

For me it’s an joyful adventure to combine woven, knit, felted, grown materials into beauty and protection, to speak to the desire, soul and needs of the future wearer.  

I create from a desire to experience, express and share joy and beauty and hope 

to dazzle and delight the future wearer.


Wearing a face mask is an expression of care.

For others and for your self.

What can I (and every person) do right now to slow the spread and protect others and yourself?

Please wear a facial protection, a barrier, a face mask. No one of us knows what we may have and unknowingly spread.

A mask is a reminder: if you touch your face, your face mask becomes a barrier between your hands and your mouth and nose.  It possibly can save you and others by slowing down whats going out and whats coming in.

It IS personal!

Please do wear a personal mask with a filter when you care for others and when you’re out to get groceries, postal services, socialize and to work!

And: yes, I make fabric masks right now. In 5 different shapes/patterns and from 100% prewashed cotton and linen and stretch fabrics in about 50-80 different fabric types and colors. Every mask is double layered.

Filters of your choice can be inserted.

I can make 20-30 masks a day.
If you know small care facilities, small doctor offices, veterinarians who may need some, let me know.

And yes, it’s personal and I ask everyone to make these masks. If you’re someone with a sewing machine and wanting to learn, I invite you to use my 3 patterns and step by step picture-instructions I’ll post in dispatches soon.

Thank you.