Black Pirate Style Long Coat from Leather And Linen For Rob


Black pirate style long coat from leather and linen.

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This coat is made as a custom piece for Robert as we had communicated in our initial connections through Etsy.

The Sale price includes free shipping via global express international 1-3 days to Mississauga, ON, Canada as a sign for my appreciation for your patience.

The base of the coat is made from a strong linen.

I’ve used various types of leathers to complete the shape and feeling of a pirate coat.

The coat has 2 large front pockets and 2 inner pockets. The inner pocket size has been determined by Rob’s cell phone size.

You had provided me with your measurements and based on those I had made the pattern.

According to our communications and exchanges of images I regard this coat as finished and ready to ship.


Weight 220 oz