Dark Brown Leather-Linen-Jacket


Unique, elegant and rustic elements combined with a flair of adventure

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  • Goat hides, Lamb hides and dark brown linen combined
  • raw edges of leather being used as decorative elements
  • unlined, lightweight
  • treasured and antique collections of a variety of sturdy, metal-looped buttons are being used, military style
  • attractive back and wrist details
  • unique front closure: a worked in vest part provides a slimming front line
  • inserted front pocket
  • vest part bears an inside pocket for a cell phone
  • fit: comfortable, lived-in, leisure
    B 32-36
    W 26-30
    H 38-42
    Sleeve length (from neck-shoulder-point over shoulder over bent elbow down to wrist) 30-33
  • able to replicate this jacket in approximation depending on the natural edge-lines of the goat skins and according to your size-specifications
  • turnaround for made-to-order jackets about 10-12 days.

For custom work I’ll require a 50% deposit of the agreed final price.

Weight 200 oz