Peter Pan Top Hat


Peter Pan Top Hat, with miniature light-up diorama Darling home, flight silhouetted outside, London

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black stretch velvet, cardborad, lining, buckrom, battery, lightstrings


The Peter Pan Top Hat came to life knowing that my husband is in love with the story.
I wanted to try silhouette pictures and combined the imaginary world with the London home of the Darling’s in the inside. The room of the children lights up. There’s a map of Neverland and also nightlights for the childrens bed.
Tinker bell is hiding behind Wendy’s feet and will be visible when the room is lit up.
All furniture is made from scratch, as is every component of the top hat. The one store-bought item is Nana.

The lining can be parted and the battery pack can be brought out to turn the lights on and off or for a change of batteries if needed.

The TOP HAT is a favorite item of mine since childhood. I am a collector of top hats and specifically Chap-o-claps.
This line of top hats commenced when my husband went on tour a few years ago. I thought it an intriguing idea if he could take our home any where he’d go and some actual part of it would always be on the top of his head.
Since the idea snowballed and lead t the creation of several of those whimsical hats.
Every component is made from scratch. I’ll make them to your unique size specifications.
I wonder which faerie tale, idea, situation of yours deserves to be on the top of your head?
I’ll work with your idea, your materials and your measurements.

Weight 250 oz