Red Leather Corset Carry All

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Corset utility belt, fancy twin fanny pack, luxury toolbelt, royal saddlebag, keeper of your necessities.

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This corset came to life during my time working in the movie industry.

It is adjustable in the back for either your heavier days or simply for the variations of clothing you’re wearing underneath.

This corset will fit anyone with a waist measurement between 28-38.

I make these belts or corsets in fabric, mostly sturdy and soft luxury upholstery fabrics) and leather.

When we’ve encountered short-noticed fittings and summons to set, one needed to have tools and phones and camera’s and thread and scissors and keys and emergenC …. (please feel free to complete the list…) in one place.

AND we had to have the hands free to hem, sew buttons, dress etc.

AND we needed to bend, kneel, run after… without loosing our tools, necessities and looks…

This corsetted saddlebag appealed to me as one of the solutions. (no purse would fall to the floor and spill it’s contents while you’re kneeling and fitting an actor….)

It enjoyed the approval and likings of a large number of fellow film industry people, like props and make-up department, AD’s.

I don’t really know yet what to call it. Desires to have a name. Can you help?

Fancy tool bag? Luxury utility corset? Twin fanny pack? Royal saddlebag? (ohhh the LOOKs I get from when when I say that 🙂

Weight 50 oz